Getting Healthy! (Also Easter!)

Happy Easter 34

Happy Easter Everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post but i’ve been super-busy. Busy eating Easter eggs that is… I can’t resist, they are just so … YUMMY!!

It’s been three years since I gave up meat and apart from the occasional binge, my sugar intake has also gone right down. Coupled with the regular exercise I’ve been doing I’m happy to report that I am no longer classified as: “At Risk”. People have been commenting on how ‘healthy’ I look and that alone has been worth all the hard work. I haven’t been sick and am sleeping so much better. Ironically, I haven’t lost ANY weight, but all my clothes fit better.

I do fall off the wagon completely every once in a while and I understand that it’s perfectly natural as long as you don’t use it as an excuse and get back on immediately. I have noticed how my body rebels against bad foods when I ignore the warning signs. The other night I was quite sick and while hugging the toilet bowl, I promised myself never to eat that much cream ever again.

Last month I spent a week with my family and against all expectations I went jogging every second day, did a walk on the other days and tried to snack on healthy things instead of chips and chocolates. I came back to work feeling rested, healthy and ready to jump back in with both feet.

Click here to view a handy info-graphic on how to improve your metabolism without taking artificial stimulants: Improve your Metabolism

So, this Easter, even if you do jump off the wagon, just remember, being healthy is not a once off, it’s a lifestyle and the rewards are feeling better about yourself when your health improves and as a happy side-effect you might just lose a few unwanted rolls.

Happy Easter everyone… someone hand me another Easter Egg… I’ll jog it off tomorrow.

Why I don’t do GYM…

Why I don’t gym

In high school, like 99% of students, I was fairly active.  All that walking, stair-climbing and sports kept me in good shape. In college the freedom of having my own transport, making my own food choices and not having any required sports took its toll on my previously “okay” shape.  (Lets face it, I was never supermodel thin… unlike some anorexic friends.)

I wanted to do something about it, but I didn’t have a lot of options.  I lived in a crowded house with other people, in a crowded neighbourhood in the big bad city.  One day I received a phone call from the local gym offering me a free introduction, one week trial and reduced monthly fee. Where they got my number in the first place I have no idea.

Joining the gym seemed like a good idea and after the first week I  actually enjoyed going to the gym.  The trainers were friendly, all the equipment was new and exciting, and the endorphins were giving me that walking-on-air feeling.  Instantly I signed a year-contract and happily started going to the gym three times a week….  For the first two weeks.

Then I got sick and skipped the following week.  It was all downhill from there.  It was hard keeping a schedule when I was tired/stressed/busy/sick/away/working.   I went maybe once a week and usually had to talk myself into doing a quick 30 min cardio and perhaps a bit of weights before getting out of there as quickly as possible.  I avoided the changerooms at all costs and would exit the gym, red-faced, puffy and sweating … and inevitably run into someone I know.

I hated it when the gym was busy and I never saw a difference in my body.  So a couple of months passed and I didn’t miss the gym.  Finally guilt and the knowledge that the monthly payment is all in vain I tried going back a few times.  Only to have the trainers treat me like a newbie all over again.  My muscles would hurt for a week, effectively discouraging going back for at least a week and I still didn’t see any changes.  So finally I gave up and made a vow to myself to never get trapped into a gym membership ever again.

A couple of years later I read this article someone had written about gyms.  It was hysterical and all too true.  The main thing I got from it was: who wants to run on a treadmill like a hamster in a wheel?  There are so many other fun things out there, packed with physical exercise and wait for it: fun!

I will never join a gym again unless it is required for something else I really want to do.  Like astronaut training before they go into space for example.  I have found other things I would rather do, like trail running or mountain biking and because I love it, I do it often.  For the first time I can actually see the difference in my body and I’m having tons of fun.  Gym-bunny?  No way!

Losing touch with old friends…

Old Friends


Yes, I suffer from this as well.  I have genuine guilt over losing touch with old friends.  I know it’s not rational, because if they wanted to keep in touch as well they could have easily called me up too.  Some are great friends till this day, others I would greet and catch up with if I ever ran into them on the street.  Most though, I would hide from should we ever show up to the same party.  On facebook I have them neatly organised into best friends, friends and acquaintances.  I look at these pictures and wonder what their lives are like.  Why did they “friend” me in the first place?  It’s not as if we were inseparable to start off with.  For others, I weep at the loss.


Prince – Doesn’t really count since we differ 13 years in age, but still a good friend who kept in touch all these years even though he never responds to my invitations to dinner at my house.  Does he think I can’t cook?

Mona – We’ve been “long-distance” friends for as long as I can remember.  Hung out when we could but lost touch in-between.  Still an acquaintance even though she never made an effort.

Primary School:

Princess – My bff all through primary school.  She was wise beyond her years with knowledge of stuff I never even thought about.  She played a huge part in who I would eventually become and for that I am most grateful.  Brilliant and ambitious, she was destined for bigger things and knew it.  I tried reaching out after we lost contact but never got a reply.  She now lives abroad.

Beauty Queen – My other bff from primary school.  She lost her way for a while, but seems to be doing well these days.  She and Princess are still good friends though because they went to uni together.

First-love – Amazingly I still have a tiny bit of contact with my first love.  Though I would love more; hard because he now lives abroad too.

High School:

Plank – Beautiful and smart, we were besties through much of High School.  This one really hurts because as soon as we left school she broke all contact and never returned any of my calls.

Shorty – We still chat every once in a while after losing touch for a few years.

Angel – Kept in touch for a while before she made some interesting choices and now lives in the Cape.  Still interested in making an effort to see me when I visit down there though, so that counts.

Brainy – She was my ‘alternative’ friend.  We are still good friends who talk at least once a week and see each other whenever we can.

Bitchy – We were roommates and good friends for a while, until for some reason she didn’t want to be friends anymore.  Maybe I was too much competition and didn’t succumb easily to her domineering personality.   Once connected on fb I was subjected to bitchy comments until the inevitable ‘un-friend’.

There are others too, though best-friendships were diminished over time.  We still see each other at mutual-friend gatherings or every once in a while a quick chat on facebook, but no real effort goes into the relationship.

College and the decade following school:

Professor – We were inseparable, mutual interests, intellect and ‘firsts’.  Until he got a girlfriend.  And the one after that.  And then he moved abroad.  And then he started ignoring me altogether.

Cutie – Another amazing friendship based on similar values, interests and intellect.  Until he got a career, and boyfriend, and another boyfriend.  ;)  Though he never returned the effort I made to keep in touch.

Genius – Yet another amazing friendship that lasted for 2 years.  Until he got a girlfriend.  In all fairness, he gave me fair warning.

(Mmm… I’m starting to see a pattern here.  Apparently I’m the best friend who never gets to be the girlfriend.)



At the end of the day, I don’t really feel that guilty anymore.  Perhaps it is really just a need for closure masquerading as guilt.  We’ve all had some fun times, good memories and they have all played a part in my life.  Some friends were just not destined to stay in your life.  You know that old saying, people enter your life for a REASON, A SEASON or a LIFETIME!?  Well, you just gotta let the past stay in the past and never stop making new friends.

Thanks to my bestie C, my life-time bud H, my newest friends who live next door, and all the new people yet to cross my path, I will hopefully be forever rich in friends.

Storm Worthy Men!

Oh man… oh man oh man oh man… I can’t believe i’m getting to today’s uhm… man, only now. He has been one of my all time favourite actors as well as favourite celebrity for a very long time. Not only is he a phenomenal actor but an amazing human being.  From fresh faced youngster he has grown into a very handsome man.  He needs absolutely no further introduction since you all know this extremely talented guy.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Age: 39 (Nov 11,1974)

Famous for: Titanic, The Beach, Shutter Island, Inception, The Wolf of Wallstreet, The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Departed, The man in the iron mask, Romeo and Juliet, Catch me if you can, Gangs of New York… and many many more.

Love him for: Being an amazing activist along with being a brilliant actor who chooses brilliant scripts/roles.

Hate him for: Having never won an oscar (though not technically his fault).

Leo DiCaprio Collage

Did you know he is fluent in German and was once seriously injured when model Aretha Wilson, hit him over the head with a broken bottle at a Hollywood party.

Coffee… Coffee… Coffee…

I LOVE coffee… Uhm, I love GOOD coffee… I love FRESHLY GROUND, PERFECTLY steeped coffee. I cannot tell you when I first started drinking coffee. Just that for as long as I can remember I preferred it to tea. It all started with ‘instant’ powdered Ricoffee. Any coffee connoisseur will tell you that is definitely NOT coffee. In fact any coffee connoisseur will tell you any powdered coffee isn’t coffee.

I used to drink my coffee like the rest of my family, one and half spoons of coffee, three spoons of sugar, milk to taste. Then I went to boarding school and my roommate drank black, bitter coffee. Instantly the rule was established, “If I make you coffee, you will take it the way I make it.” And so, begrudgingly, I started drinking my coffee black and bitter. Soon, I could no longer stomach the taste of sugar in it and after a while, I could have it black or white, made no difference to me.

In college, my friend Andre and me would experiment with the more exotic varieties of coffee. Terms like Colombian, Kenyan and Costa-Rica blends were mixed in with our coffee dates. We would spend 5 hours at Mugg and Bean just chatting and trying every.single.blend they had on offer. Deliriously hyperactive we had all-night conversations and spirited debates.

Percolators became a fashionable kitchen accessory and we were introduced to freshly percolated coffee. From there on my coffee-snobbery became more pronounced. I barely touched instant, bought and ground my own beans, and happily practiced my barista-skills at every opportunity. (Pity the people who were the recipients of those early cups of tar)

When I started my current job, (in what is now a famous incident) I once spat the office-coffee (powdered) out through an open office window in full view of my boss who thought it was hilarious. The following day a brand new percolator arrived on my desk and so I became the first and only person in the office who made and consumed “fancy” coffee.

That first coffee-machine has since retired and it was replaced by a very fancy Swiss made, Jura-one-touch machine. It makes coffee, espresso, cappuccino and machiato with ridiculous ease. Now almost every person in the office drinks “fancy” coffee and I am the guardian of said Jura machine. I derive a lot of joy shopping for beans, gently cleaning and caring for the machine now. My army of dedicated “exclusive to me” cups stand at the ready on top of the cup warmer (best invention ever for winter) ready to bring joy to visitors and worker bees alike.

I can’t start my day without a good cup of coffee, can you?

Coffee Lovers

KONGOS – Escape

I have been obsessed with this song for a few days now, perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me something.


by Jesse Kongos

Every few thousand years
Come true man’s greatest fears
All the living things
Mother nature brings – to tears

When the bombs are bursting in the air
And the rockets are making that red glare
I’m heading down
Down to that good hope town – where the weather’s fair

So why don’t you come away
With me my love
We’ll do what it takes
I’ll keep you safe

Why don’t you stay by me
And when the time comes
We’ll escape

When the big one finally hit’s LA
When Yellowstone has it’s day
We’re heading to the southern tip
On a plane or on a ship
We’ll do what it takes – we’ll find a way

And if that cloud forms up above
No sign anywhere of a dove
There’ll be no reason left to stay
We’ll try and live another day
In a place where there’s still love

Things I have learned from movies:

It takes four seconds to pick any lock.

A man will fight another man twice his size but flinch when a woman tends his wounds.

You will be called away the moment your food arrives.

Everyone keeps a spare key close to their front door.

Its really easy to find a current address for anyone if you are a cop.

Every car explodes dramatically upon crashing.

Parking is always available directly in front of the building.

A single match is sufficient to light up a whole house. Or switching a light off will cause the room to become even lighter.

Enemies will always attack the hero one-by-one, giving him enough time to beat them all off.

All drainpipes are re-enforced so that they are easily used for climbing.

The more evil the bad-guy is, the harder it is to kill them.

Cheerleaders wear their cheerleading outfits 24/7.


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